Morning Menu

Morning Menu

Mornings at nyloS


Artisan House Pickles   4

Bagels – Plain, Onion, Sesame, Salt, Cinnamon-Raisin, Everything   2.5

Schmears- Plain, Sweet Garlic, OR Strawberry (+2) Lox OR Crab (+4)

Bagel “Sando”- Bagel Choice, Tapatio Aioli, Thick Cut Bacon, Egg, L/T, Cheddar   10

2 Eggs your way, Bacon, ½ Bagel Choice, L/T, Fruit   12

Veggie Bagel- Artisan House Pickles, L/T, Schmear Choice   8

Pastrami “Rueben”- House Kim Chee, Thousand Island, Swiss, Bagel Choice   14

Today’s Salad- Local Farm Fresh Produce- Please Ask   11

Kula Strawberry Smoothie   8

Today’s Soup- with House Focaccia- Please Ask   7



Maui Oma Red Catuai Coffee/Decaf   4

Soda Cans- Coke, Sprite   3

Iced Tea   3

Lemonade, Limeade, O.J.   5


Maui Brewing Company Bikini Blonde Lager and Big Swell I.P.A.   7

Ola Ginger Hard Seltzer   7

House Wines- Three Thieves Cab, Chateau St.

Michelle Chard, Charles & Charles Rose   8

Benvolio Mimosa   10